Employing Antibiotics For Bronchitics In Toddlers

Bronchitis in infants may be brought about by bacterial infection of the airways, thus it is very important that parents or caregivers have a good knowledge of the available antibiotics for bronchitis in toddlers. However, it is important that parents understand that bronchitis can also be caused by a viral infection hence using of antibiotics in such cases becomes obsolete. Therefore, much care should be taken when one buys over the counter antibiotics for treating bronchitis as they may be ineffective in treating bronchitis brought about by a virus.

When to use antibiotics for bronchitis in toddlers

One of the key things one needs to know before treatment of bronchitis begins is whether the infection is bacterial or viral. Even though the symptoms of both bacterial and viral infections are more or less the same, bacterial bronchitis is characterized by a high grade fever, as opposed to low grade fever in viral bronchitis and a persistent productive cough which in the case of viral bronchitis is not productive.

Having established that the bronchitis has been caused by bacteria one may then proceed to treat the young one using the various antibiotics available. However, it is of utmost important to be absolutely sure that the bronchitis is bacterial. This can only be done by a trained health professional who will not only give the correct diagnosis, but also the right prescription of drugs for treating the infection. In fact numerous cases have been reported in which the parent or caregiver mistook the infection to be bronchitis instead of other infections such as pneumonia, common cold, or influenza whose symptoms are almost similar to those of bronchitis.

The advantages of using antibiotics for bronchitis in toddlers

Various antibiotics are available for treatment of bacterial bronchitis. However, using such antibiotics is usually weighed against the side effects of such medicine. One should be careful in the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor or the ones he or she buys over the counter. Visiting the doctor when your child gets infected by bronchitis is particularly advantageous as he or she will be able to prescribe the right medicine depending on the type of bronchitis and age of your young one.

However it is important to note that bacterial bronchitis account for only a small percentage of all bronchitis infections as opposed to viral bronchitis. In the case of viral bronchitis, your doctor or healthcare giver will be able to prescribe antiviral drugs for treatment while in bacterial infection; the doctor prescribes antibiotics for bronchitis in children. Moreover, it is good to note that bronchitis is a preventable infection and various measures should be taken to ensure that your toddler doesn’t get infected by the disease. For one, it is important to keep them away from irritants, dust and smoke especially exhaled cigarette smoke.

All in all, in treating bronchitis one needs first get the correct diagnosis before commencement of treatment. This is to ensure that the wrong treatment is not given to the infection such as antibiotics being used in the case of viral bronchitis or vise versa. However bacterial bronchitis need not develop into a life threatening disease as there are various antibiotics for treating bronchitis in toddlers.